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Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee customer satisfaction in all of our projects from fences to full commercial remodels. 
Read some of our most recent reviews from our happy customers below
Sanding Machine

Matt; Single-family home repairs

1. How was the intake and response?
Excellent, Sharon responded to my initial inquiry quickly and scheduled a walkthrough where we came to an understanding about the work we needed.


2. Customer service and estimate?
Customer service was excellent. My wife and I are first time single-family homeowners, so I had a lot of questions about the work we needed. I really appreciated Sharon's patience and willingness to explain aspects of the project to me.


3. Did we answer your questions promptly?


4. Were all of the areas of work performed according to your request and specifications once all adjustment were made?
Absolutely, the work looks great and will help protect our home from rain and moisture damage.


5. Did the work get done in a timely manner? 
Yes, Sharon identified a fortuitous weather window and Jose and Tony completed all the work in our weather window before snow was coming.


6. Did the team that showed up on site perform to your satisfaction?
Yes, Jose and Tony were quick and professional. They maximized our weather window to complete all of the tasks on our punch list.


7. Would you recommend Bratton Construction LLC to your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers?
Absolutely, I will be sure to share my very positive experience with my contacts.


8. Are there any comments, concerns or suggestions about anything that will help us improve our services?
None, thank you so much for taking the time to figure out everything that we needed to get this work done that I could not have been able to do myself.

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