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The genesis of Bratton Construction, LLC traces back to a profound sense of duty and compassion within Sharon’s heart for her community. Stemming from her experiences with Hendricks Loyal Construction and later with Boanerges Group, LLC, Sharon’s journey began amidst the turmoil of the “War on Drugs” and the devastating Crack Epidemic targeting Black neighborhoods. One pivotal morning, as she cradled her newborn, a harrowing event unfolded before her eyes, igniting a fire within her. It was then that she heard a resounding call from within, urging her to be a catalyst for change. Witnessing the violence and despair on Roselawn Street, aptly named “Crack Alley,” Sharon recognized her calling to stand in solidarity with her community. Embracing the concept of “Gap Standing,” she embarked on a transformative path, refusing to abandon her mission. Through a pre-apprenticeship program in the construction trades, Sharon honed her skills as a carpenter and sprinkler fitter, setting the stage for the birth of Bratton Construction, LLC. Driven by her unwavering commitment to uplift her community, Sharon’s journey exemplifies resilience, compassion, and the power of determination. As Bratton Construction marks its 25th year, Sharon stands at the helm, a beacon of home and inspiration, leading with purpose and vision.

Celebrating a quarter-century of service to the Portland Metro Area, Bratton Construction, LLC reflects on our journey marked by excellence in commercial, industrial, and residential projects. From transformative additions, bathroom and kitchen renovations to intricate plumbing and specialty contracting, our craftsmanship has left enduring impressions, fostering inclusivity as an equal opportunity employer. Bratton Construction has become a member of OAME, ICCC/ BFG, NAMC, PBDG, and Port of Seattle Business DEI. We have also performed projects for the City of Portland, TriMet, and ODOT along with having new contracts with the City of Seattle and King County.

Embracing innovation, we have embarked on a new venture with Bratton Development, poised to shape NE Portland with new townhomes. Yet, amidst all our achievements, we have a commitment to nurturing talent that shines. With a philosophy centered on fostering apprentices' success, we build people that build communities who build cities. Sharon Maxwell, CEO, steadfastly sustains Bratton Construction’s vision and mission over 30 years, unwaveringly dedicated to realizing the dream.

At Bratton Construction, the pursuit of excellence extends to both new construction and tenant improvement projects. Under the collaborative leadership of Sharon Maxwell, the company thrives on the ethos that success is born through servant leadership, teamwork, and partnership. Sharon’s collaborative spirit infuses every aspect of the company’s operations, fostering an environment where ideas are shared, innovation flourishes, and collective efforts propel projects forward. In this dynamic atmosphere, Bratton Construction not only delivers exceptional results but also cultivates enduring relationships built on trust and mutual respect. Sharon is a visionary and multifaceted in possibilities. The best has yet to come.

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